LIPP Mischtechnik GmbH - new affiliated company visited VTA

Focus on exchange of experience and future cooperation

Lipp Mischtechnik GmbH, based in Mannheim, Germany, became part of the Streicher Group in mid-2021. The company develops and sells customized machines and systems for the confectionery industry - especially for chocolate. The range of services also includes mixing reactors and dryers for the chemical industry or mixing machines in the building materials sector.

In the future, Michael Langer (current managing director) and Franz Maier (managing director of STREICHER Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG) will run the company together.

Strengthening future cooperation
From applications more related to the chemical industry, the portfolio was increasingly expanded towards high-shear applications for chocolate production. The required mechanical and thermal process technology was developed and enhanced through long-term customer relationships in numerous trials at the Lipp Mischtechnik test facility and not least because of cooperation with universities (e.g. chocolate production process ECO2-Choc®).

In addition, the market position could be consolidated and expanded by several patents in the field of mixing, reacting, drying and comminuting.

The integration into the STREICHER group now opens opportunities for new and more complex projects. Likewise, Lipp can benefit from Streicher's existing sales structures.

Technological exchange between LIPP and VTA
During Lipp’s visit in October 2021, details about technological synergies as well as the structure and technical spectrum of both companies were exchanged. Through the discussions, complementarities of the two companies quickly became apparent, especially in the field of drying technology.

LIPP Mischtechnik operates pilot machines for mixing and drying at its facility in Mannheim. Upcoming trials at Lipp‘s site will now also be attended by VTA process engineers. In return, LIPP process engineers will be present during drying trials at VTA's site.

Both companies can now benefit from the exchange of technical expertise as well as process and mechanical engineering knowledge.
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