Contract Manufacturing

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract or toll manufacturing involves outsourcing a product’s manufacturing process to a trusted manufacturer.
We operate our toll distillation and pastillation plants 24 hours per day
and 7 days per week. The associated storage area is roof covered and ATEX certified. The raw material is supplied in drums, IBCs or tank containers. Viscous and solid products are tempered in our heating chambers. We assure that our customer’s know-how is treated confidential. Our analytical laboratory controls the product quality online to adjust the processing conditions immediately if necessary.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

Buffer undercapacities of the own production facilities

Market launch of new products / short "time to markt"

Hold back / saving investment costs at own facility

Product Improvement

Rework "out of spec batches"

Dual Sourcing

Full cost control


In combination with the test center and analytical services provided by VTA longterm partnerships are established.

Contract Distillation


Contract Pastillation


10 kg or 1.000 t?
We can process close to all quantities.

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