Fractional distillation systems

Separation of close boiling products at short residence times and high vacuum

Heat sensitive products having closer boiling points of the lighter and the heavier fraction are difficult to be separated in single stage systems. Combining packed fractional distillation columns with thin film or wiped film evaporators as reboilers improve the separation of such products. The larger number of theroetical stages in the fractional distillation column allows good product yields and purities. The low residence time in the reboiler as well as the low operating pressures avoid thermal degradation of valuable products. The purification of flavor and fragrances, special nutitional  products, Omega-3-fatty acids, heat instable fine chemicals or pharmaceuticals are some application examples for this process solution.

Performance features

  • Lowest capacity: min. 0,1 kg/h
  • Highest capacities:
    1.000 kg/h or more
  • Operating pressure:
    down to 0,5 mbar
  • Operating temperatures:
    until 350 °C
  • Number of theroetical separation trays:
    2 until more than 20

Typical Applications

Multi-stage distillation of higher molecular weight products such as

  • Acrylic acid, acrylates
  • Hop oil
  • EPA and DHA
  • Flavors and essential oils
  • Squalane

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Design features

  • Column reboiler: thin film or wiped film evaporator
  • Fractional column arrangement: rectifying, stripping or combined
  • Column internals: structural packings with lowest pressure drops
  • Available plant scales: laboratory, pilot and industrial
  • Material of construction: glass, stainless steel, special alloys

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VTA delivers package units in laboratory, pilot and industrial scale. Package units are skid mounted, pre-assembled systems for wiped film
and short path distillation, rectification and thin film drying.
All core components, like evaporators, condensers, vessels and piping, are manufactured in modern manufacturing facilities by highly qualified
workers either by VTA or within the STREICHER group.
All engineering services are performed entirely inhouse at VTA. By minimizing the interfaces, a smooth project execution is ensured.

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