Thermal processing for demanding products

Our process solutions are used for purification, concentration, removal of low boilers, colour improvement, drying of products and much more. For many products the evaporation technology is key for achieving sufficient product quality at decent yields. The fields of application and industries are diverse and require highly specific solutions. Over the decades we have gained experience and deep knowledge - our thermal process systems are suitable especially for demanding products, like viscous and heat sensitive material.

Examples for Applications

Edible oils, fats and food

  • Separation of free fatty acids from edible oils and fish oils
  • Pesticide removal from edible oils and fish oils
  • Fractionation of tall oil
  • Concentration of monoglyceride
  • Concentration of EPA and DHA in fish oil esters
  • Concentration of tocopherols
  • Concentration of carotene
  • Drying of lecithin
  • Pesticide removal from lanolin
  • Colour improvement of lanolin
  • Concentration of sorbitol

Chemical, agro chemical and pharmaceutical products

  • Concentration of polyphenyl compounds
  • Separation of aromatic amines from secondary components
  • Purification of amines
  • Concentration and colour improvement of amino alcohols
  • Separation of long-chain acid chlorides from high boiling impurities
  • Distillation of fatty acid amides
  • Concentration and purification of dimeric fatty acids
  • Removal of volatile components from silicones and silicone resins
  • Concentration and purification of esters; of glycerol
  • Concentration of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides
  • Fractionation and removal of low boiling components from natural waxes
  • Colour improvement of waxes and lanolin
  • Deodorization, removal of pesticides
  • Concentration and purification of lactic acid
  • Distillation of acrylic acid and acrylic ester, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutically active substances

Petrochemical products

  • Separation of microcrystalline wax from vacuum residues of crude oil
  • Fractionation of synthetic and petrochemical waxes


  • Purification and concentration of monomers
  • Purification and concentration of polymers
  • Purification of plasticisers
  • Minimisation of solvents and monomers in polymers

Fragrances and flavors

  • Elimination of terpenes and concentration of essential oils
  • Separation of solvents of odorous substance
  • Concentration of lemon flavors
  • Concentration of pepper and chilli extracts

Recycled materials

  • Refining of used oils
  • Purification of used lubricants, brake fluids, glycerol and transformer oils
  • Recycling of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) mother liquors
  • Recycling of sulfolane
  • Recycling and reprocessing of mother liquors of pharmaceutical processes
  • Recycling of organic intermediates
  • Recycling of mono-chlorinated acids from mother liquors

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