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We are a leading provider of thin film technology for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as many others. Based in Niederwinkling (Germany), 150 employees have committed themselves on working on the best possible solution: we engineer, manufacture and install equipment and complete systems for distillation, reaction and drying, according to the demands of our customers.
As a service we offer contract distillation and pastillation on site. Not the sole ability to construct high end distillation plants but the combination of over 25 years of experience with continuous with innovation and collaborative effort enables us to find the best result. We are an innovative subsidiary of the Streicher Group which makes us a strong and reliable long-term partner. We maintain a good cooperation and exchange of knowledge with our wholly-owned subsidiary UIC GmbH - located in Alzenau (Germany). To support your project in the best possible way, we have offices and partners in over 20 countries.

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Over 150


More than 25
years of experience


Represented in
23 countries


Systems in operation worldwide


VTA has come an exciting way since the founding over 25 years ago. We take our history as motivation and incentive for new, future successes. Discover for yourself the milestones that have made us the world leading partner in distillation technology that we are now.


Foundation as a member of the STREICHER Group with 5 employees


Start of the toll distillation business (with multi-stage thin film and short path distillation plants)


The largest package unit at the time is completed


Establishment of the VTA PROCESS EQUIPMENT CO., LTD BEIJING in Beijing, China


Commissioning of the new test center at the site in Niederwinkling


Acquisition of UIC GmbH (in Hörstein/Alzenau) as new subsidiary


We combine knowledge and experience with continuous innovation and face every challenge to find excellent solutions for complex distillation tasks. Our profession is the engineering, manufacturing, assembling and installing thin film and drying plants in laboratory, pilot and skid-mounted industrial size. Our systems are operated for purification, concentration, removal of low boilers, colour improvement and drying of products e.g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food chemistry industries.
In-house process development, manufacturing and feasibility studies ensure highest quality standards, full control and quick reactions. With the possibility of toll distillation, we offer a customized production without the need of investment in own production-facilities.
This makes us experts in thermal processing.


We are a global operating company. Customers all around the world rely on our quality and services to get the best out of their production. To ensure highest quality, we keep all competencies regarding engineering and manufacturing at our headquarters in Niederwinkling, Germany. To provide you with the best possible support for your projects we are represented in over 25 countries worldwide.

"With experience and innovative developments we face all distillation challenges and
provide solutions with process warranty."
Oliver Stoll, General Manager

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