Toll distillation - efficient outsourcing with VTA

VTA operates various wiped film and short path distillation plants for the toll distillation of different products. 

General features of the toll distillation plants

Many years of experience in designing thin film and short path distillation units made it possible to install optimized multi purpose toll distillation plants. 

  • Wiped film evaporators / Thin film evaporators
  • Short path evaporators (molecular distillation)
  • Equipment for rectification

which can be connected variably.

High-melting or higher viscosity products can be distilled easily. The system is designed according to the European explosion protection directive.

For the distillation of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, the specific distillation system is validated separately.

Toll Distillation
Toll Distillation

Analysis and quality assurance

In our analytical department, the quality demands of our customers are monitored by means of wet chemical and instrumental analytical methods. All incoming and outgoing products are analyzed.

The product quality is documented by certificates of analysis. Furthermore, product samples will be retained as reference samples.


In order to ensure the protection of company secrets of our customers, VTA guarantees strict confidentiality of sensitive product information. VTA and the companies of the STREICHER Group have no interest in production or marketing of chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical and food products. Information received from our customers is treated as strictly confidential. On request, cleaning or production information, which has been developed by VTA independently, may be handled confidentially.



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