Testing & toll distillation

VTA Testing Centre

Together with the customer, thermal separation processes are developed and optimized in the VTA testing centre.

For the following technologies and processes, pilot tests can be performed:

  • Wiped film and thin film distillation (low- and high- viscosity products)
  • Thin film drying
  • Short path distillation / Molecular distillation 
  • Rectification
  • Reactive distillation
  • Deodorization

The results of the tests provide information on achievable quality, yield and distillation parameters. The customers receive a reliable basis for the development of new processes, the optimization of operating parameters, the increase of the efficiency in individual process steps or the design of new plants and equipment.

The results from the laboratory and pilot tests can form the basis of the required process parameters for toll distillation.

The samples collected during the trials or toll distillation can be analyzed at the VTA laboratory for monitoring the product quality.
In order to ensure the protection of company secrets of our customers, VTA guarantees strict confidentiality of sensitive product information. VTA and the companies of the STREICHER Group have no interest in production or marketing of chemical products. Information received from our customers is treated as strictly confidential. On request, cleaning or production information, which have been developed by VTA independently, may be handled confidentially.

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