Pilot tests - thin film distillation and short path distillation

Pilot Tests

VTA operates pilot equipment for wiped film distillation, thin film distillation and short path distillation. In addition equipment for rectification of substance mixtures is available.

Pilot tests are used to verify and deepen the results from the laboratory tests under real production conditions. On the basis of these tests the achievable throughput, product quality and yield can be defined and guaranteed for a future industrial plant.

The samples will be analyzed at the VTA laboratory during the trials. The customers will receive samples of the individual fractions for analyzing in their own laboratory.

High-boiling, high-melting and high viscosity products can be distilled at low working pressures on VTA pilot facilities.

Targets of pilot tests

  • Determining the process parameters
  • Determination of the achievable product quality and yields
  • Determination of design parameters for the planned distillation system
  • Production of sample up to several tons
  • Dimensioning of process equipment and aggregates of the industrial plant
  • Selection of the optimum wiper system
  • Verification of the results of the laboratory tests under real process conditions
  • Monitoring of the product properties during distillation (foaming, fouling etc.)

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