VTA Team - Experts for wiped film, short path and thin film distillation

VTA Team

VTA’s well-trained and highly motivated employees are the key for success and for steady and sustainable growth that VTA has experienced since the founding of our company. They are the most valuable part of VTA.

The high vertical integration and the large range of services provided by VTA requires a team with diverse professions: VTA employs process engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, IT engineers, chemists, technicians, designers, business professionals, administrative staff, industrial mechanics, cutting machine operators, chemical laboratory technicians and chemical technicians.

Since VTA continually sets new staff due to the growth and has special requirement profiles of these professions, VTA itself trains apprentices to prepare them for the future requirements of the company. VTA works in close collaboration with universities and colleges as well as local professional and high schools. VTA also participates on dual degree programs.

Since VTA's systems and components are used in various industries and each system is customized for the respective customer, the experience in the company expands with each new project. Here it is very important to share new knowledge and experience with all colleagues. Collegial working environment and the interests of all employees to work together for the best possible solution for the customers are invaluable. The high degree of responsibility that our employees carry, the interest in further training and the curiosity to find new ways are VTA’s motivation and inspiration and give VTA the assurance that the development of the company will go on in the future.

Where possible, VTA wants to offer the customers complete solutions, to keep the number of interfaces as low as possible as these interfaces can make a project very complicated.

The principle: "Everything from one source" is not just a phrase for VTA. In many projects, if desired by the customer, VTA can offer services from process development and engineering to commissioning of a  package unit and the market launch of products with our toll distillation units.

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