Short path distillation units for laboratory use

Short Path Distillation Units for laboratory use

The short path distillation systems or molecular distillation systems are set-up as modules and consist in the basic configuration as follows:

    • Feeding system
    • Short path evaporator with internal condenser
    • Cold trap
    • Discharge systems for distillate and residue
    • Heating system
    • Vacuum system

    The main components are fabricated in Borosilicate glass to enable observation of product properties like foaming, fouling and film distribution on the heated shell during distillation.

    With short path distillation lab units, proper and reliable tests can be performed with 2 kg of crude material

    Following sizes are available

    Type   Evaporator Surface
    Feed Rate
    Required crude amount
    VKL 38-10.010.02 – 0.30.1
    VKL 70-40.040.10 – 1.22.0
    VKL 70-50.050.10 – 1.52.0
    VKL 125-100.100.30 – 3.04.0
    VKL 125-150.150.30 – 5.05.0
    VKL 125-200.200.30 – 6.06.0
    VKL 200-300.300.50 - 10.010.0
    Larger sizes on request

    Further technical features

    • Operating pressure: 1,000 – 0.001 mbar
    • Max. melting point of the material to be processed: 150 °C
    • Max. heating temperature of jacket: 350 °C
    • Max. viscosity at operating temperature: 15,000 mPas (cP)

    Available options

    The systems are customized to the customers’ needs based on product properties and frequency of use. Besides the basic configuration the following options can be selected:

    • Continuous feeding systems
    • Continuous discharging systems for distillate and residue
    • Trace heating of individual sections (feed, residue and distillate) for melting or viscous products
    • Combination with additional evaporation stages
    • Selection of product wetted parts in Borosilicate glass, stainless steel or other special materials and alloys
    • PLC and visualization