Wiped film and short path distillation units for laboratory use

With laboratory units, reliable conclusions about the feasibility of a separation process can be made by only using small product amounts.
The set-up and design of the lab units VTA offers to customers is based on the experience gained in our own VTA test centre for years.

Laboratory Units

Lab units are used for

  • Verifying the feasibility of a separation task
  • Doing first process development steps
  • Producing small sample amounts of final product
  • Optimizing existing processes

    Features of laboratory units 

    Feed rate20 g/h – 6 kg/h
    Product wetted materialBorosilicate glass, stainless steel or other special materials
    Max. heating temperature350 °C
    Evaporator size0.01 up to 0.30 m²
    Achieveable pressure in wiped film evaporator< 0.1 mbar
    Achieveable pressure in short path evaporator 0.001 mbar

    Set-ups and options

    • Short path distillation systems VKL in different sizes
    • Wiped film distillation systems VDL in different sizes
    • Wiped film distillation systems with rectification column
    • Horizontal wiped film evaporator VDLH
    • Multi-stage lab units
    • Completely jacketed (trace-heated) systems
    • Continuous feeding and discharge options (pumps)
    • PLC and visualization
    • Different wiping systems

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