Glass lined wiped film and short path evaporators

For the distillation of highly corrosive products or metal active substances, VTA is offering glass lined wiped film and short path evaporators.

Enamel consists of high quality glass materials of complex composition. Chemically, the enamel is a Boro-Aluminium-Silicate. The most important characteristic is its very high resistance against nearly all acid organic and inorganic substances. The only exceptions are hydrofluoric acid, compounds separating HF and highly concentrated alkalis at high temperature. Glass lined evaporators are also used for applications where sterility is important or where contact with metals would cause catalytic decomposition or other chemical reactions.

Internals of the evaporator are made of enamel and other corrosion resistant non-metallic materials. The operating temperature of the apparatus is limited to 220 °C.

Glass lined wiped film and short path evaporators manufactured by VTA

VTA offers glass lined wiped film and short path evaporators in various sizes for pilot and industrial scale applications.

Product development in the VTA test centre

In the test centre VTA is able to perform feasibility and pilot tests for processes which require glass lined distillation equipment for production scale plants.

Glass Lined Evaporators

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