Reasons for toll distillation

On the toll distillation units of VTA, our customers can outsource their own production

VTA sees itself as an extended workbench with the core competence of the thermal liquid separation by means of thin film, short path and fractional distillation.

For the following reasons, customers run tolling campaigns at one of VTA’s distillation systems:
•    Reducing of capacity constraints of own units
•    Development of new products or getting product qualities ready for the market
•    Possibility of delaying the investment for their own distillation facility
•    Collection of production know-how for new products
•    Improving the quality of market introduced products
•    Continuation of the production of expiring products while new products are produced on the
      customers’ own plants
•    Ensuring the cost base in the production of small amounts of products
•    Ensuring a second production site

Toll distillation - efficient outsourcing with VTA

VTA operates various wiped film, short path and fractionating distillation plants for the toll distillation of different products.

At VTA the toll distillations will be done on multi-purpose tolling plants.
Wiped Film Evaporators / Thin Film Evaporators, Short Path Evaporators (molecular distillation) and Equipment for rectification which can be connected to suit the client’s needs.

High-melting or higher viscosity products can be distilled easily. The systems are designed according to the European explosion protection directive.

Technical data of the VTA toll distillation plants

Campaign sizes1 kg up to 1,000 t, larger campaigns on request
Melting pointsmax. 190 °C
Boiling pointsabove 500 °C at atmospheric pressure
Operating temperaturesmax. 350 °C
Operating pressuresmin. 0.001 mbar
Viscositiesmax. 150,000 mPas at operating temperature
Rectificationapprox. 10 theoretical plates
Granulationby means of flaking roll or cooling belt
Container sizemax. ISO tank containers and tank wagons
Storage capacitiesdepending on substance class and type of containers, acc. to WHG
Operating modecontinuously, shift operation
Explosion protectionacc. to ATEX 94/9/EG
Execution of the equipmentacc. to BImSchG

Storage and filling of the raw material and finished goods

The spacious design of our container yard enables us to plan the raw material delivery and the final product delivery of larger campaigns in a very flexible way. Because of our storage opportunities, we can offer a tailored just-in-time delivery to our customers.

Depending on the size of the campaign, the product properties and the capabilities of the customer, the raw material can be delivered in barrels, heated or unheated ISO tank containers or IBCs.

ISO tank container can be loaded with existing gantry cranes and can be weighed using a stationary scale. Steam-powered heating chambers for melting solids in drums and IBCs are available. Drums or IBCs are filled with an automatic filling device.

Higher melting products can be flaked or granulated directly after distillation by means of flaking roll or cooling belt.


In order to ensure the protection of company secrets of our customers, VTA guarantees strict confidentiality of sensitive product information. VTA and the companies of the STREICHER Group have no interest in production or marketing of chemical products. Information received from our customers is treated as strictly confidential. On request, cleaning or production information, which have been developed by VTA independently, may be handled confidentially.

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