Manufacturing of equipment, complete systems and package units

All core components are manufactured in modern manufacturing facilities by highly qualified workers either by VTA or within the STREICHER company group.

  • Wiped film evaporators
  • Thin film evaporators
  • Thin film dryers
  • Short path evaporators
  • Flash evaporators
  • Cold traps
  • Columns
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vessels

In modern production halls welding structures up to 100 tons piece weight are manufactured and machined. All common and prescribed surface treatments can be performed.

The following equipment is available in the manufacturing halls:

  • Plasma and gas cutting machine
  • TIG , MIG, orbital and MAG welding equipment
  • Bending rollers and sheet metal benders
  • Boring machines and turning machines
  • Sand blasting, passivation and painting systems
  • Non-destructive testing equipment

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