Application examples

Application Examples Oils, Fats and Food

Oils, fats and food

Application Examples Chemical, Agro Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products

Chemical, agro chemical and pharmaceutical products

  • Concentration of polyphenyl compounds
  • Separation of aromatic amines from secondary components
  • Purification of amines
  • Concentration and colour improvement of amino alcohols
  • Separation of long-chain acid chlorides from high boiling impurities
  • Distillation of fatty acid amides
  • Concentration and purification of dimeric fatty acids
  • Removal of volatile components from silicones and silicone resins
  • Concentration and purification of esters
  • Concentration of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides
  • Concentration and purification of glycerol
  • Fractionation and removal of low boiling components from natural waxes
  • Colour improvement of waxes
  • Deodorization, removal of pesticides
  • Concentration and purification of lactic acid
  • Colour improvement of lanolin
  • Distillation of acrylic acid and acrylic ester
  • Distillation of pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Distillation of pharmaceutically active substances
Application Examples Petrochemical Products

Petrochemical products

  • Separation of microcrystalline wax from vacuum residues of crude oil
  • Fractionation of synthetic and petrochemical waxes
Application Examples Polymers


  • Purification and concentration of monomers
  • Purification and concentration of polymers
  • Purification of plasticizers
  • Minimization of solvents and monomers in polymers
Application Examples Fragrances and Flavors

Fragrances and flavors

  • Elimination of terpenes and concentration of essential oils
  • Separation of solvents of odorous substance
  • Concentration of lemon flavors
  • Concentration of pepper and chilli extracts
Application Examples Recycled Materials

Recycled materials

  • Refining of used oils
  • Purification of used lubricants, brake fluids, glycerol and transformer oils
  • Recycling of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) mother liquors
  • Recycling of sulfolane
  • Recycling and reprocessing of mother liquors of pharmaceutical processes
  • Recycling of organic intermediates
  • Recycling of mono-chlorinated acids from mother liquors

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